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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

over the past 40 years, the Allweier Corporation has been a subcontractor and system supplier for a diverse range of clients. The core fields of competence of the Allweier Präzisionsteile GmbH division, cover, for example, CNC turning, milling, grinding (circular, cylindrical, polygon, routing), and orbital sanding, along with the assemblage of components and subassemblies. At Allweier Systeme GmbH, on the other hand, we are your competent partner when it comes to propulsion technology.

The broad range of economic sectors in which we are active has enabled us to develop a wide variety of services which all satisfy the respective quality requirements. In this manner, we are able, for example, to implement the customers’ technical requirements with regard to surface finishing.

Our core capabilities are further extended through additional services that include laser engraving, pressurized leakage testing, and balancing, which are becoming more the standard rather than the exception.

Because of the close contact we have with our customers, we get deeply involved with a new product’s development, along with its prototyping phase and pilot production run. In this manner, our technological expertise can be implemented in good time, and contribute to the final series production. In the interests of our clients, we place considerable emphasis on the overall efficiency of economics with respect to quality, flexibility, costs and delivery dependability.

The stages of manufacture, such as tempering, that we are not directly able to accomplish ourselves at our premises, are outsourced to qualified subcontractors.

We would be only too pleased to arrange a personal appointment in which we can introduce ourselves.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

Hubert Allweier

Managing Director - CEO


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