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Hubert Allweier

“The customer should come back – not the part.”

We are proud of the long-standing partnership we have with our customers, and in the future we shall continue to satisfy our clients’ wishes, since customer satisfaction is top priority after all.

Being a manufacturing company, we rely on the intensive contact and personal relationship we share with our partners. This relationship is diligently maintained and, of course, our partners are all in possession of the relevant quality certification.

Our motivated and highly qualified employees are all experienced in their professional field, and without exception, they all strive daily to ensure that the levels of service, standards of quality and the merits of our corporation are oriented towards meeting the customers’ wishes.

To preserve and uphold our quality expectations, we train our qualified staff ourselves. The Allweier name has, as a result, become synonymous with one of the most modern and extensive vocational training centres within our region. This innovative capability, combined with our competitive edge, is just one of the factors that have helped establish the Allweier Corporation’s success – and we have been doing this for more than 40 years.


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